We have some big boys coming to the store after August 8th!! Look forward to the shop update and further details!


We’re excited Are you?

Look what arrived today!

Im starting a Weeformer collection and majority of it is Prowl, Jazz, Sunneh, Shides ._. As soon as sowiddlefur posted these I had to purchase them. Im kinda glad she forgot them at TF Con cause I dont think Id be Able to get them. Her table was basically bare everytime We got a chance to stop by. Which is good for her! I am happy all the crafters did so well at TF Con. Nothings better than not having to drag it all the way back home. LOL

Sad there wasnt a Sideswipe but we’ll keep an eye open if there is more to be made…Of course. >_> …Still interested in a closet of Prowl heads…

These are really good quality and printed really nice. Rodimus has some discolouration between his red and oranges but I know thats more of a printer problem and its hardly noticable. Love them! Keep us posted!

Anyways not gonna stick these guys anywhere cause I dont want them damaged. Going to cut them apart and pin them on the shrine board.

I believe if these guys are still up fir sell you should all go grab some. : http://www.redbubble.com/people/weeformer/shop

We have opened a shop! http://thelittlesweatshop.storenvy.com/

Usually after our Con season ends we have nothing to fill our time and an urge to make more  suff, so we have been throwing around ideas. It ended up as a Little Sweatshop! Currently our shop fill is small but open! Everything is handmade! We’ll try to add more products as we get them done.

Look forward to keychains, magnets, accessories and Charity fundraising such as Breast Cancer awareness Octiblooms for October!

We’ll work as fast as our hands can move!


This would be the perfect time to bring attention to your Ever After High brand, you know after complaining it wasn’t doing as well as you hoped.  It’s been a year, give us something new that we haven’t seen or knew about already. This is what SDCC is for, it’s for revealing new exciting product for consumers, getting them pumped up for your brand as the year goes on. So…why did you choose to neglect one of your brands? One that needs more excitement. Now everyone is talking about Monster High and Ever After High has been forgotten since Thursday. People are leaving that panel gushing about new Monster High but not one is thrilled about Ever After High anymore because it doesn’t seem that important right now. Don’t complain when sales don’t do well because you won’t make the effort to make that happen.


Holy slag it’s a giveaway!!

First place winner will receive:



  • a pair of Autobot Earrings  OR
  • a Decepticon lanyard  (we all know decepticons are the best)


  • a one-of-a-kind drawing done by yours truly!  Holy shit!

Second place will receive one pair of Autobot earrings.


  • You don’t need to be following me but hey, like Transformers? This is a Transformers blog.  Followers might get a little something extra!
  • You MUST be comfortable with giving me your mailing address, otherwise I can’t mail you your prizes!!
  • Please like and reblog ONCE.  That’s it.  

Giveaway ends on the 1st of August.

New Release Haters

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———- Srsly Ever After High Tag? Srsly? ———

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What is the matter with you? If you feel like you have some above all-power comment to say, cause you reeeeally need to cause something isn’t fair for you,  then at least make it worth it and post with your actually account instead of cowarding behind the Annon option. Annon don’t care about your first world problems.

photo 80_zps57be0d80.gif

It seems like every time someone gets a new release before anyone else there’s anon hate. I’m being public about this because We have also been a target of this hate and its kinda childish, Everyone is eventually going to get the release. Maybe not now or later or maybe not for a year or two but don’t worry your country will get the release and then you can post your pictures. There are bigger things in the world to hate on.

photo tumblr_m7uf5mLxTk1qfr0c8o1_500.gif

Gurl you keep doin’ what you are doin’. Keep getting those first releases and taking picture like you do. Jealous Haters are going to hate.

photo tumblr_mdx5tl11C11rtgvnao1_500_zps6f0505de.gif

(Hate message aren’t ours, they came from another lucky fans blog. I hope you don’t mind us using them.)

SDCC 2014 Monster High

I am guessing we are not the only ones disappointed and feeling gipped by the Monster High Booth this year. The onlt ‘new’ thing they gave us is the 2 pk with Rochelle and the Frenchie dude. We already knew of Casta Firece from NYCC and the Re-release Original pack just didint know an exact release date.

All the other dolls on the shelf were expected as they have already been relesased to stores before SDCC or again shown at NYCC last year. I was really hopping MH Booth would be surprising us like last year but what a turn down. I didnt even like the SDCC exclusive :( as I dont like Manny and Iris will be release in another verison doll. How do I know this? Because Mattel wouldnt waste their time on a specfic mold for one release. She may come out as a I♥fashion or a budget but once they have the mold its gurantee another release **cough**weberella**cough** So Im going to wait and not waste my money on packaging.

Now the Re-release Originals arent the final products but dont they look like cheapcheap knock offs of the Original dolls? I hate that they are all in their new molds making them look fairly wonky. Nice job Mattel. Nice.

Lets hope EAH has a better reveal or I have lost all hope. Give my Duchess! Give me Kitty! GIVE MEE ..something. Come on my wallet is open!





To be ‘educated’ is to be indebted 


My current life feels

OOC: Sadly this is true for so many… including myself… :(



Lizzie’s photos from Amazon.

My baby



If anyone is selling basic Monster High dolls or Create Monster dolls, I’m looking for them!

In or out of box? I have a re-release Frankie for sale she has only been used for display and comes with her stand, purse and brush. Let me know.